Useful subsets of PDB files

  • One or more chains have unobserved residues *in the middle* and not just at the terminals

  • With modified residues *other* than MSE / Seleno-Methionine / SeMet

    Other usful files

  • All FASTA sequences in the PDB

    Clustering of 100% sequence identical chains in the PDB using blastclust with the flag -L 1 (coverage treshold of 100%). uses a coverage treshold of 0.9 and thus sequences in this file are *not* 100% identical. See and for a further explanation.
    The FASTA sequences used do not take into account modified residues. Instead the parent/standard residue of each modified residue is given in the FASTA sequence and the residue modification is not considered a mutation.
  • bc-100.out